wake up to the songs of parrots and gurgling streams

Experience The courtyard and Terrace Community spaces
Experience The courtyard in virtual reality
explore nature at patio

Set your children free at the natural multi-levelled play area

Grow your own vegetables at the Community Terrace Garden

Bask under Fruit trees and plants that attract wildlife and nature

"The landscape design for Patio aims to recapture our memories. The spaces make the users feel the smell, texture, seasons, fragrance and the dynamic qualities of nature, thus creating a symphony beyond visual."

Deepthi (1)
Deepti Chandra B // Landscape Architect
project layout
Terrace layout

Where the community gathers

The Amphitheatre is full equipped with a projector and the perfect blank wall to serve as a screen. It’s great for watching cricket matches, season finales and all your favourite movies!

A lush green lawn with a gazebo serves as the perfect place for celebrations with friends, family and neighbours.

This area is solely dedicated to growing and feasting on your favourite fruits and veggies. 

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