Building Honesty

What makes a Speckles home different?

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Building homes, starts with telling the truth. We promise honesty and transparency, at every step of project development. Not only to help a home owner, but also educate everyone on how to make better investments.

This is what makes Speckles seem revolutionary. But that is just the foundation.

Our spaces are designed for people; taking into account your everyday life and thoughtfully fulfilling all of your needs. We want to make a difference in the world of Indian Real Estate. And it starts with us.

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The Speckles advantage

We want to change the face of Indian Real Estate. How? By building our entire business around inspiring you, how to make the right decisions when it comes to buying a home.

When you make a to-do list, work gets done quicker. It’s the same with building a home. We make sure each part of the construction is done, one step at a time, perfectly.

Each property is conceptual, aimed at giving rise to a curated way of life. Designed, keeping you and your loved ones in mind, you can always expect the best from Speckles.

We believe that it’s always better to work with master of ones, rather than a jack of all traits. Our integrated team of architects, landscapers and partners are curated for each project.

Quality materials and great workmanship, is what builds forever homes. We make sure to not only work with the best craftsmen, but make sure they’re fairly compensated.

The ones with the vision

Manikantan Padmanabhan

The Man With The Plan

Manikantan is the visionary of the team. He’s a man driven by his passion for life. That’s why each one of our projects are highly conceptualised and designed with a purpose. He has been in construction for more than 10 years and started his career with Sobha builders. After understanding the gap in the real estate market, he started Speckles. He has a knack for understanding people and always believes in his people and their work. When not working, you can find him hiking a mountain or knee deep in conversations with fellow travellers.

Thyagarajan Sivaji

The Team Player

Thyagarajan is the glue of the team. His work ethics and passion for work is an inspiration to us all. “Say no to nothing” he says, always ready to go the extra mile for his customers and colleagues. He studied B.Com and accompanied his dad’s business into construction. He has over 18 years of experience in construction and people management. As a founding member of Speckles, he’s usually hard at work with meetings and appointments. But one thing is for sure, if there is music playing, he’s always humming along.

Mukesh Prakash

The Go-Getter

Mukesh is the go-getter of the group. He’s always on the move to get things done! After his post-graduation in business management, he joined Speckles as a director. Being a Management Graduate helps him to manage critical situations and finances wisely. He’s also an adventure buff like the rest of the team. That enjoys hiking, camping and chilling on Fridays evenings (like the rest of us)

Murugesan Dhanapal


Murugesan is the master of coin and finances. He’s always calm and collected, ready to take on any challenge. What’s his secret? He’s always organised! Murugesh joined Speckles 4 years ago and deals with end to end finances and administration. He’s always ready to travel and enjoys going out with the team.

Archana Sivaji


Archana is creative and always cheerful! You’ll always find her at the office, or at sites, with a cheerful smile on her face. She’s the design lead of Speckles who also manages the contractors and vendors for ensuring the quality and timely delivery of all interior projects. What makes her so successful as a designer is that she is client focused and is an expert at research. Outside the office, she’s a Chef in the making, always cooking up some delicious meal.

Vivek Muthukrishnan


Vivek is one of our awesome engineers. He’s a problem solver that always has a big smile. He has over 8 years of experience working in some of the best national and international construction companies. At Speckles, he’s the on-site guy, making sure that work is progressing as per our quality standards and on time. At the office, we call him our ‘BBC’ – why? Because he’s always upto to date with work news and now, so are we!

Srikanth Ravishankar


Srikanth is the backbone of our engineering team. He’s someone who always puts the client’s requirements at the forefront. He has over 8+ years of experience working at one of India’s biggest developers and construction companies. His vast knowledge of multiple fields makes him an expert at the construction site. He’s always ready to get things done and make others smile. He’s got a touch of innocence that we all like!

Anjali Mohanan


Anjali is the team motivator. A woman of many talents, she has experience in sales, marketing and operations. She finally found her calling as the strategist and marketing expert at Speckles. Whether it is traditional medium or digital, Anjali is always coming up with new ideas and implementation tactics. And she’s always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. When not at work, Anjali can be found at a cafe, writing poetry, reading or starting conversation with new friends. 

From Diamond Wall Constructions to Speckles

Speckles is an experienced company with new ideas. We started 10 years ago under the avatar of ‘Diamond Wall Constructions’. 

The objective was simple. Building beautifully designed homes for all. And we did that by really understanding the needs of each and every family that we built a home for.

With expertise in constuction, civil engineering and design, we’ve been able to progress from building boutique villa projects to our Flagship Project – Patio.

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What They Said

So far, whoever has come home, is shocked by the quality of construction. Thank you very much for the design and delivery!

Surendar // Director of Development Operations - Finastra
Our flagship project

Modern life, rooted in tradition

Speckles Patio is a key that unlocks the gate to a time gone by. By incorporating key aspects of nature and community into our vibrant living spaces, we’ve created a throwback where the quality of life is on par with the grandeur of every home.

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